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Originally Posted by pp View Post
Yasuko hasn't been active here for several years so I doubt she will show up and give you an explanation. Six years ago, when she was still adding files here, my own knowledge was limited to the technical systems used here in Europe. I do recall a discussion I had with her about the m2ts files her Blu-Ray/HDD VCR was producing and that she had trouble playing the files and wanted to convert them to mpg. I wasn't of any help to her back then unfortunately but I did have a look right now at the Sarah Brightman video "War is Over" which she uploaded both as the original m2ts and as an mpg version. It turns out that the m2ts file is just a regular TS container and that file do have the original AAC audio track. The mpg version is strangely enough also a regular TS container but with the audio as AC3 instead so it seems she has used some kind of conversion software that transcoded the audio but left the video in its original TS container instead of remuxing it in a PS container, and then changed the extension of the file to .mpg.
I don't know how or why but this really only matters to purists like yourself and I. Most people on this forum would be happy with a crappy avi-file of those performances.
No problem, after all,we have no wonderful videos from Japanese TV without Yasuko's help.maybe due to his/her recording equipment, I'm a HDTV videos collector,the format of Japanese TV videos I collect are "ts"or “m2ts”,and audios are only"AAC",why am I confused?because some people sold Japanese HDTV videos,and some original videos are rare,so those people converted videos which are not original recording into " original recording" to cheat collectors,it always shows "mpg" and "AC3",so those files are considered as fake HDTV videos.I see now, it dosen't matter~ thank you pp !

I have two original videos of Yasuko's,I'll post soon.
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