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Yes, I know that Sissel is very private and I didn't really expect her to visit facebook, etc., when she was on tour (it seemed she had a very heavy schedule, 5 or 6 performances a week). And yes, I think the person you refer to is the same one who posts nonsense on almost every Sissel video on youtube. I hope she has someone on her staff remove the inappropriate posts from facebook before she goes there.

As one of her admirerers, I would be very happy if she would post even once a month, tell us what she's thinking about musically, what she's been listening to, possibly answer an appropriate question or two from a fan. Of course, none of us would demand this, but it is an easy way for her to have some contact with those who can't make it backstage at a concert.

Regardless, I think that her fan base will continue to grow rapidly, mainly because of youtube. It is now possible for those outside of Scandinavia to find her. Certainly, I would never have found her without youtube.


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Unlike most celebrities, Sissel is a very private person. In most of her interviews, she just talks about her work.

It is very unfortuante that her facebook page is often spammed by a lunatic guy. He has posted Sissel's ex-husband's photo and written something nasty.
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