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Thanks for your input Redwin.

About your downloading problems. I'm in the middle of changing tracker for my torrents. If you get "tracker errors" you should just redownload the updated torrent from the forum and all should be well. I can see now and then that some people have difficulties downloading. Analyzing the traffic shows that any attempt from me to connect is immediately closed by the downloader's TCP/IP stack. The two most common errors are a personal firewall blocking incoming connections and a missing port forward in the downloader's router. This is all described in my BitTorrent FAQ. By the way, the same FAQ also explains why I chose to share my videos with BitTorrent and nothing else. I can also sometimes see that there are no incoming connections to me. The most likely cause would be that those connection attempts are blocked by the user's firewall but I really would need a trace of the traffic from that side to tell for sure. Also, remember that some ISPs are interfering with P2P-traffic in general, BitTorrent is no exception.

About quality and video format. Many years ago I actually did reencode the videos I had back then to Xvid and multiplexed them into avi. Although my videos are all raw digital broadcast streams they do sometimes have a rather low quality, especially the older ones. Many broadcasters back then tried to cut costs by reducing the bitrate to a minimum which resulted in visible compression artefacts in the MPEG2 video. My early videos of Sarah is an example of this. In Europe things has been better since then but in US broadcasters still tries to cram in as many channels as possible on each sat transponder which makes the bitrate very low and quality suffers. Any recompression of these videos just introduces even more artefacts unless bitrate is set insanely high which would work against the initial purpose of keeping the files small. After being frustrated over this issue for several years I finally took the decision to leave the videos untouched. Cheaper hard drives, faster CPUs and broadband connections helped me in this decision. I know that some fans reencode my videos and put them on YouTube for instance and I have no problems with that of course. I share them for free and I'm pleased if fans help each other getting them no matter what format they have. From my own point of view I have limited time to spend on this so I have to settle for one option. You can't please them all, can you? Any change for the future from my side would be to go to an even better quality format like h.264. As soon as HD transmission gets more common in Europe I will get there. We still lack good software to edit those streams with yet though.

Auto GordianKnot is a nice frontend for the encoding tools but remember that these videos are interlaced and you have to deal with that first before reencoding them. Any deinterlacing suitable for avi WILL reduce spatial resolution of the video. I know both DivX and Xvid can encode the videos interlaced since some time back but this is a violation of the avi standard and not supported by external players for example. You should probably use Matroska for this.

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