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pp 2007-02-27 04:47

Harem - The Sarah Brightman Special (20031214)
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This is the televised version of "Harem Desert Fantasy". It lacks a few of the songs from the DVD and the quality is of course much lesser but it is still a nice download for those who doesn't own the DVD.


Harem - The Sarah Brightman Special.mpg


Filesize: 1,4GB
Recorded: N/A
  Aired: 2003-12-14, SF2, Switzerland,
          "Harem - The Sarah Brightman Special"
  Video: MPEG2 720x576i 25fps AR 4:3
 Audio 1: MPEG1 Layer II 2.0 48kHz 192kbit/s
 Audio 2: N/A

rabbitty 2011-09-08 16:14

thank you PP. it is unbelievable I could still download it. 4 years passed since you post the torrent. thank you so much for still keeping it ! for long time seems it's impossible for me to download any foreign torrent due to the internet great wall. many website like utube and many mentioned in heavenly voice is forbidden.
this one is quite different, the begining is sea scen with music and it's very wonderful. the ending song is until the end of time. but it's much shorter but still complete. different from the PBS special i got an incomplete video from a friend .
I watched it many times, thank you ^_^

SmartSamy 2012-06-05 14:49

i love luv luv this album of Sarah, EAST & WEST together... great :)

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