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pp 2014-12-24 00:21

Bingolottos uppesittarkväll (20141223)
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I had to endure 4 hours of mind numbing lottery show until Sissel finally appeared, but it was worth it. This time she performs one of the most beloved Swedish Christmas songs, composed in 1921. It appears to have been a prerecorded event though because the stage she's using isn't seen anytime else during the show and Sissel is absent during the end credits where all the other musical guests performs together on stage. Still, as always, it's a pleasure to hear and see her. Merry Christmas to you all!
01 - Jul, jul, strålande jul.mkv
Filesize: 236MiB
Recorded: N/A
Aired: 2014-12-23, TV4 HD, Sweden, "Bingolottos uppesittarkväll"
Video: h264 1920x1080i 25fps AR 16:9
Audio 1: Dolby Digital AC3 2.0 48kHz 576kbit/s
Audio 2: N/A

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