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pp 2008-04-09 21:10

heavenly-voices.com needs English releaser!
In case we have any member from England in here and you feel like helping us record programs from BBC and ITV, please contact me.
Currently we cover most of Europe and North America and even Japan but we still lack the capabilities to record anything from England. So far we have had some very kind help from a couple of people over at http://www.satellites.co.uk/satellite/index.php
However, the artists we like here is nothing they usually listen to and we have nothing to offer them in return so it's awkward to ask them for help too often. A single recording now and then is no problem but now, when Sarah Brightman appears several times a week on various shows, it's impossible to burden them with all recordings. It would be much better if we could find a fan in England who could help us record. You need 3 things:If you feel like you can handle this and want to contribute to the joy of other fans like yourself, don't hesitate to contact me.


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