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pp 2014-05-17 21:44

Norge 200 år (20140517)
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It's been two and a half years since I last had anything with Sissel to share with you but today is the Norwegian Constitution Day and Sissel showed up to bless us.

A lot has happened technically over the past two years and I'm painfully aware of the lousy quality in some parts of this video. I have a 720p h.264 recording of it but I haven't worked with video editing for a very long time and I need to find information on how to edit such files before I can share it with you. Something to save for a rainy day.
01 - Våren.mpg
02 - Ja, vi elsker dette landet (End Credits).mpg
Filesize: 519MB
Recorded: 2014-05-17, Eidsvoll, Norway
Aired: 2014-05-17, SVT2, Sweden, "Norge 200 år"
Video: MPEG2 704x576i 25fps AR 16:9
Audio 1: MPEG1 Layer II 2.0 48kHz 256kbit/s
Audio 2: N/A

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