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pp 2008-03-30 03:23

Do NOT use hacked clients!
To the person downloading season 3 of Fame. Your client report itself as being BitComet 0.87 but it doesn't report back correctly to the tracker. This way you're DENYING anyone else from downloading from you. This is NOT acceptable and not a normal behaviour of BitComet. Either you have a hacked client or a screwed up PC in general. Correct it and let me know in a PM and I'll remove your ban.

dgiljum 2008-03-30 05:53

I don't understand what you're saying, if I am the person you're talking about. I am trying to download the season 3 episodes. I am using BitComet to do so. What am I doing wrong? I asked you about allowing people to download from me, and you said if I had BitComet open and kept the files in the download location, they could. What am I doing wrong? On a related topic, I was going to e-mail you to ask about some of the episodes. A few are saying they will not play on my computer, missing codecs, or are not mpg files. Can you help with that?

dgiljum 2008-03-30 05:55

PS) Is that why the episodes have stopped downloading for me, as well?

pp 2008-03-30 11:28

I have answered back in PM. About not being able to play some episodes: if you're referring to season 3 you will not be able to play incomplete episodes. If you have other play-related problems, follow the instructions in the Media Player FAQ and every episode will play.

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