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What is this forum about?
This is a place where you can download high quality digital MPEG2 recordings of a few very talented artists. I do NOT share DivX, WMV or any other inferior video format. Nor do I share any crappy 5th generation VHS captures. All recordings are from digital broadcasts on various television channels, performances that are usually very difficult to find otherwise. Feel free to download anything you find interesting.

Is it legal?
Absolutely not! Copyright infringement is the worst crime of them all. It's much worse than pedophilia, domestic violence, rape and murder. I will most likely end up in jail or even worse for trying to spread some culture to other fans.

Can you send me a DVD with the videos?
I'm not an evil person and I really wish I could. You must understand that I get asked almost daily if I can send DVDs or share the videos via ftp, www or some other way and you probably realize that my workload would increase exponentially if I gave in. So, videos from this forum is shared through BitTorrent, no other way. If you have an old computer: buy a new one. If you have a slow Internet connection: buy a faster one. If you can't get BitTorrent to work: read the FAQ and ask for help if you don't understand.

Why is my email banned when I try to register?
You're using a Yahoo email address and due to constant problems with Yahoo this forum won't allow you to register with that email. Use another one.

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