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  1. Sarah will be at Friday Night is Music Night on March 23.
  2. Sarah to perform at Princess Diana Memorial Concert
  3. Sarah Brightman at Progressive Fashion on Ice
  4. Sarah Brightman TV Appearances
  5. Sarah Brightman at the Juno Awards on June 6th - Canada
  6. Sarah twice on ZDF and at the Classical Brit Awards
  7. Sarah at the Paul O'Grady show friday april 11th(5pm to 6pm)
  8. Sarah at the Steve Wright Show - Radio - april 10th
  9. Sarah at the National Memorial Day Concert - May 25
  10. Sarah singing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics?
  11. Happy XMas Show. Dec 23
  12. Walt Disney Show on December 25th
  13. Sarah on the "Picasso" show in Japan
  14. Chichen ItzŠ Concert
  15. Sarah on NTV in Japan (30.11.2009)
  16. Media Advisory: Panasonic
  17. America's Got Talent--- Sarah Brightman
  18. Sarah Night Concert in the Todaiji Temple
  19. Weihnachtstršumereien [Friday 24 December]
  20. 2011 HunanTV Spring Festival Gala --- Sarah Brightman
  21. Sarah Brightman on TV 11/28/12 NBC 4 Los Angeles
  22. Sarah to perform on "NEWS ZERO" NTV in Japan on 14th January 2013
  23. SARAH BRIGHTMAN IN THE UK - April 3rd ON BBC 1's The One Show
  24. SARAH BRIGHTMAN TV PERFORMANCE IN GERMANY - on Willkommen Bei Carmen Nebel on April 1
  25. Sarah Brightman's Dreamchaser World Tour 2013 has began.
  26. Dreamchaser on PBS